FP Mailing Postbase Blue Ink Refill & Reset Service (10ml Version)

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a refill and reset service for the Postbase ink cartridge (10ml Version). This means you will need to return your empty Postbase ink cartridge for refilling with a printed copy of your order.

How It Works:

Simply add this FP Mailing Postbase blue ink refill & reset service (10ml Version) product to your Cart, go through Checkout which will then send you email confirmation of your order. Simply then package your cartridge and enclose a copy of the email receipt and send both to:

Franking Machine Ink

PO Box 4


WS12 4GS

Our refill and reset service uses Royal Mail approved blue franking ink and it is compatible with a wide range of franking machines, including the FP Mailing Postbase franking machine models.

With this FP Mailing Postbase franking machine ink refill service we can ensure the best performance and reliability from your FP Mailing Postbase franking machine. Produce impressive, sharp and crystal clear franked impressions on each mail item every time when using this FP Mailing ink cartridge (10ml Version).

FP Mailing Postbase Blue Ink Refill & Reset Service (10ml Version) Specifications

View the specifications for this FP Mailing Postbase refill and reset service ink cartridge (10ml Version) below.

  • Royal Mail Approved: Yes
  • Ink Cartridge Manufacturer: Franking Machine Ink
  • Perfect for Franking Machine Models: FP Mailing Postbase Qi3, Qi4, Qi6, Qi9, Econ, Office, Enterprise, Enterprise Pro & Ten models only.
  • Cartridge Type: Refilled & reset to new settings
  • Cartridge Colour: UK Blue
  • Cartridge Yield: Same as FP Mailing published life which is 4,250 prints(equivalent to the 10ml franking ink cartridge)
  • FP Mailing Replacement Part Number / Product Code(s): 58.0052.3036.00
  • FP Mailing Advertised Price: £120.00 + Vat & Delivery

Franking Machine Ink will ensure this Postbase ink cartridge to similarly offer a similar quality, life and amount of prints as the original manufacturers ink cartridge.