Please Note: On Tuesday 24th December 2019 & Tuesday 31st December 2019, due to Royal Mail's early collection times, we advise that you make any order by 11AM!

Any orders placed on Tuesday 24th December 2019 on a next day delivery will not be received until Monday 30th December 2019 and orders placed on Tuesday 31st December 2019 on a next working day delivery will not be received until Friday 3rd January 2020.

The First Class Postage Rates 2019 have been announced by the Royal Mail and are effective from 25th March 2019. If you are not using the latest standard franking postage rates or Mailmark franking postage rates then please contact your franking machine supplier today!

To benefit from the new Royal Mail First Class postage rates 2019 get yourself a franking machine or a Mailmark™ compatible franking machine.

First Class 2019 Postage Rates

1st Class
Size Weight up to and including Stamps / Online Franking Prices Mailmark™ Prices
Letter 0-100g 70p 64p 61p
Large Letter 0-100g £1.06 £1.01 95p
101-250g £1.50 £1.40 £1.34
251-500g £1.97 £1.85 £1.73
501-750g £2.72 £2.59 £2.44
Small Parcel 0-1kg £3.55 £3.48 £3.48
1-2kg £5.50 £5.45 £5.45
Medium Parcel 0-1kg £5.80 £5.35 £5.35
1-2kg £8.95 £8.26 £8.26
2-5kg £15.85 £15.85 £15.85
5-10kg £21.90 £21.90 £21.90
10-20kg £33.40 £33.40 £33.40

Download our Postage Rates 2019 / 2020 PDF to view the prices a little more clearer.

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