The FP Mailing Postbase Mini franking machine is an entry level franking machine, supplied by FP Mailing. The Postbase Mini can frank mail at convenient rates of 15 letters per minute, using a manual feeder as it does so. Due to it being an entry level franker, it offers basic functionality that can still prove to be very advantageous to any small office business.

FP Mailing Postbase Mini Franking Machine

One of the main Postbase Mini franking machine benefits is that it can use the latest Mailmark technology. Mailmark can give FP Mailing Postbase Mini users access to lower franking rates, a new 2D barcode when franking and automatic tariff updates. As well as the latest Mailmark franking technologies, the FP Mailing Postbase Mini franking machine can also benefit users from smart meter technology.

To help ensure that you always pay the correct postage on your mail, the FP Mailing Postbase Mini franking machine comes with a 2Kg integrated weighing scale as standard. This will allow you to accurately weigh your mail and pay the correct postage with the Postbase Mini. Not only this but the unique size of the Postbase Mini makes it ideal to fit into any office environment.

Other great and useful features that come with the FP Mailing Postbase Mini franking machine includes several job memories, several advertisements, many departmental accounts, a full colour touch screen and PIN security.

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FP Mailing Postbase Mini Specifications & Details

View the FP Mailing Postbase Mini specifications and FP Mailing Postbase Mini details of the Postbase Mini below and find out what features it possesses.

  • Speed: 15 letters per minute
  • Feeder: Manual
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: 6mm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi or LAN
  • Weighing Platforms: 2Kg
  • Advertisements: 10
  • Departmental Accounts: 10
  • Job Memories: Yes
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes
  • Length: 310mm
  • Depth: 205mm
  • Height: 230mm

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